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Chistyakov Dmitry Alekseevich. 27 years.
Born in a small town on the banks of the river Oka. Grew a nerd. Despite this finished 9 classes and didn't graduate from railway technical school. 7 years of game in KVN gave a big experience in confident behavior before a large number of people. He started working in the media and work in them for 10 years. Without problems and difficult negotiations agreed to work as the operator on the project "Freeman's Days", and then to filming in it as Max, because of huge love to a cinema. Inspired works of Japanese horror filmmakers, psychedelic, electronic music (Dubstep, Drumm & Bass) abstract art and other kinds of creativity, which others would call nonsense (madness, idiocy, the fruits of a diseased imagination, brain destruction, etc and etc) and other words, but not creativit

Background: Max Hogan

Max Hogan. 23 years. Born in the small fishing town on the Atlantic coast. Grew up as all children without outstanding abilities. At 20 years returned from the army with the rank of private first class. Already during service in Max began to open leadership skills, he led a small squad. After the service, he worked with his father on a fishing trawl, then opened his own shop with father's support. In 21 years Max lost mother and in 22 in a storm his father died. Max decided to go back to the army and to continue to serve on the contract, but at this time break out Seven Hour War and he get to small squad of guerrillas, and then to squad of rebels under command of major Kramer, where in a year served to a rank of the corporal. There in a squad Max met Anna, with whom he initiate more than friendship. By the nature Max a very self-confident and quick-tempered, and this is not good for him. His excessive confidence in own actions sometimes doesn't allow him to see a small details, which demolish everything created by him earlier. But in the same time he has some trait, that attract people and they ready to help him.

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