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Stanovov Nikita Vladimirovich
Born on February 1, 1987. Played at amateur theaters of Kaluga and Obninsk, perhaps the most iconic role - Don Carlos in Pushkin's The Stone Guest. 3 years worked as the director of school theater. Graduated from the philological faculty, wrote short stories. 12 years don't leave a steering-wheel. 7 years doing nonconventional medicine, master of the Reiki. I consider it as my vocation.


Background: Alexander Kramer

Alexander Kramer Alexander Kramer. Orphan. At 9 years from an orphanage gets in the family a military lawyer. Being interested since the childhood in small arms and avoiding physical activities, in 18 years goes on conscription, then, not without the aid of the reception father, come to the officers' academy of the Bundeswehr.
After training Kramer participated in many combat operations, for which he was honored with many awards and served to a rank of the major. Eighteen months later happened Seven Hours War. Division, in which the major served, is defeated. Survived by miracle, Kramer discovers that his foster home was destroyed by Alliance and becomes the commander of fast-growing squad of rebels, many of which never served and in general have weak representation about military discipline. Unclear relationship connect him with Dragunov, Russian, who also has big fighting experience, hates Alliance's dictatorship, but, only for him understandable reasons, prefer not to interfere in the conflict. In the past, fate brought them on many combat operation, but Dragunov always preferred personal calm and safety to high goals of the Resistance. After spending a lot of successful military operations, Kramer headed North wing of the Resistance.

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