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Movie "Freeman`s Days. Day one"


Behind the scenes

You entered on site project of the screen version of the game "Half-Life 2". All this idea has exclusively noncommercial character and created because of big love to a original material.

What is this? It is non-professional fan film, which is entirely set in a universe Half-Life 2, and, more or less, goes according to the scenario of it. All action will be broken for days (or series). The first day - Freeman's arrival in City 17, a meeting with Barney, an escape from the Combines and ends familiarity with stunstick in the attic of a house. Then Alyx... and etc.

How many series will be? Nobody knows, but the second part and small prequel to Kramer's and Dragunov's story definitely will be.

Who doing this? Two man. Roman Samtsov and Andrey Mankiewicz. Both a little more than 30 years old. Territorially we are in Kaluga, Russia. Doing this in free time from work on two household (not the most powerful) computers. We both work at regional broadcasting company as video editors. Experience with 3D packages, programs for composition and other CG - at the level of self-educated persons.

What for? We saw many fan films, not only in a universe Half-Life 2, and yes, we saw "Escape From City 17", and we think, that we can do it not worse. No, not like that. We very love this game and we know, that we can do it better. And after that are necessary other reasons?

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