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Freeman`s Days: Day One, part one

Movie about movie: How we filmed Day One

We released "Freeman's Days. Day One" after four years of production, though planned to finish it in six months.

Such long period of filming explained, first of all, inaptitude to shoot films. In process we began to understand for what are necessary such trifles as thorough planning, storyboard, markers on rear screen and etc. :))) Also ineradicable slovenliness is affected to all personnel of the filming crew. On the other hand, we began to understand by learning on the mistakes and finds, that we can reshoot of earlier scenes with considerably best composition, picture, light, game of actors and etc. As a result some scenes had to reshoot three or four times. And then, that not to slip into the infinite improvements, it was necessary to stop. Maybe we did it late. We think, that we did it early - 60% of the existing material we would like to reshoot. But conscience doesn't allow to pull further. But now we precisely know how to achieve a beautiful picture and competently to build filming process. But we are very far from real filming with their budget, equipment and experts.

Anyway, shootings and production "FD. Day Two" will take less time, than it was required on production of the first part. The second part will be. Also in the project the prequel about Kramer's and Dragunov's past, in which we want better to open these characters and tell their story.

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